Lots of fun today!  The candidates were learning how to “Allow people to Learn”

Many PADI Instructors take a long time to brief Confined Open Water Skills, and often over-complicate the Skill Demonstrations.

In today’s world, computer technology like Google and Smart Phones has given people have much shorter attention spans than they had only a few years ago.

Today PADI Platinum Course Director showed the IDC candidates how to make briefings “Brief!”  and Demonstrations “Very Simple”  (Cut the Crap!)

This way, students can quickly learn by their own methods. They imitate the instructor, but self-correct many of the minor problems that they encounter.  This of course means that they learn very quickly, using their own preferred learning style.

Our PADI IDC Candidates found the sessions very lively, and there was an awful lot of laughter.

The PADI Instructor Exam is still a week away, and we have already learnt so much about how other people learn.