Understanding Buoyancy, just like that!  Has platinum PADI Course Director taken up a new line of work, impersonating Tommy Cooper?  No, PADI Course Director is just explaining an alternative way to understand buoyancy during his PADI IDC Preparation course.

Over the years, PADI Course Director has put together this course to help the students who don’t understand the textbook explanations.  “Some people learn this subject by reading it in the PADI manual and they understand it right away.  But I meet a huge number of people who find the textbook calculation far too convoluted.  For these people we have come up with something completely different.”

And in the same way that the audience laughed at Tommy Cooper’s magic, PADI Course Director’s students are also left laughing at the simplicity of the mathematics they can now understand.

The course can be taken as a 1 day Dive Physics course or as part of a 2 day PADI IDC Preparation course.