Coaching Academy update is over one day with a class and a pool session

PADI Divemasters, Instructors and Course Directors are welcome!
– Earn a Seminar Credit (worth 3 webinar credits) Towards Master Instructor or Course Director

Your student divers are changing!
+ Have lower attention spans
+ Have lack of focus
+ Want adventure NOW
+ Need for Self – Esteem

PADI Divemasters and Instructors are changing!
+ Focusing on each and every customer
+ Providing effective INSTANT fun and learning
+ Allowing people to learn at their own speed

PADI Course Directors are changing!
+ Preparing people for “Real World” teaching
+ DO NOT Teach people to “pass” an Exam!
+ Treating each IDC Candidate individually

PADI Examiners are changing!
+ Want to see “Real Life” teaching
+ Are not interested in watching “Robots”
(actually PADI examiners have never wanted to see robots!)

The world is moving fast! unless PADI Professionals update their own teaching methods, we’ll see no change in new diver ability.

Come along! Improve your  own teaching, and find out how Instructor Development is CHANGING!
– and get a PADI seminar credit at the same time.

Coaching Academy update

+ How to create rapport with your students
+ How to teach each individual using their own learning style
+ How to link Class in a holistic way with the Students’ dreams
+ How to create confidence in your class
+ How to make sure that you’re covering all modalities (Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic)
+ How to use psychology to prepare people to be successful when learning skills
+ How to use psychology and visualisation to help understanding
+ How to be efficient with time and “allow people to learn”
+ How to use the latest PADI digital materials to the best effect
+ How to brief and demonstrate skills to the modern diver
+ How to teach CESA and Loose Cylinder Band
+ How to get divers DIVING, and not KNEELING
+ How to “cut the crap” and why this is SO very important!
+ How to allow people to develop using their own personalities
+ How to give students far more practice time without booking extra pool time!
+ How to structure practice sessions for maximum fun and learning
+ How to use psychology to get students to teach themselves
+ How to make “less talk – more action”
+ How to truly prepare students for Open Water
+ How to create more confident and independent divers