PADI Instructor Preparation

Are you looking for PADI Instructor Practise Exams with the questions?

Whether you are taking your PADI Divemaster course or are preparing for your PADI Instructor Development Course you’ll want to make sure that you are fully prepared for your Course. Visit the link below to find and buy the PADI IDC Revision Mega Pack that has 12 sample mock exams (Dive Theory and Standards)

PADI Instructor Exam questions
PADI IDC Mega Revision Pack (with 12 PADI IE Mock Exams)

If you want to receive 25 Revision Documents and 12 Complete PADI IDC mock exams (Dive Standards and Dive Theory)
You can purchase them and other revision documents from here

PADI IDC Mega Revision Pack (with 12 PADI IE Mock Exams)


PADI IDC Mega Revision Pack
It contains 12 PADI IE Past and Mock Exams with answers

“The DLPC made me feel relaxed about the course and allowed me to enjoy the experience so much more”– Tracy, Edinburgh

You’re here because you want to be the very best PADI Open Water Instructor that you can be. An industry first, the Distance Learning Preparation Course will get you feeling confident, prepared and excited about your PADI IDC and Instructor Exam.

What is it?

  • A Platinum Course Director with 18 years experience as your personal trainer
  • 5 mock Theory exams
  • 5 mock PADI Standards exams
  • Feedback, tips and mentoring as you revise
  • You’ll feel confident and you’ll be fully prepared as your PADI IDC gets closer
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Why do it?

  • The most common reason for PADI IE failure is the written exams
  • Get up to speed with all the knowledge before your IDC starts
  • Feel relaxed and confident going into the course
  • Learn new techniques with ease
  • Have the heads-up on PADI Standards
  • Get more pleasure out of your PADI IDC
  • You can monitor your improvement as your scores improve
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How does it work?

  1. Sign up via the contact page
  2. I’ll then drip-feed you mock exams
  3. Take them in your own time
  4. Send me your completed exams
  5. I’ll mark them and give you top tips on how to improve your results
  6. You’ll then get your next mock exam

How much is it? And when can I start?

£110 for the Mega IDC Guide Revision Pack

… And you can start right away! Just visit the IDC Guide website and make your purchase. Click button below.