The first stage of a scuba diving regulator is designed to…..

Reduce the High Cylinder pressure to an intermediate pressure

True or False. The Alternate Air Source must be yellow. It must come over the right shoulder, and it must be secured in the triangle between the chin and lower corners of the rib cage.

False, it must only be secured in the triangle between the chin and lower corners of the rib cage.

What is the main purpose of a second stage of a regulator?  

To reduce the intermediate pressure to the surrounding water pressure.

What is the purpose of an environmental seal in a regulator?

To help keep the regulator from freezing in cold water. .

The second stage of a scuba regulator will probably have….?

A Pilot valve and a Downstream valve.

What are three benefits of a balanced regulator?

1. breathes easier at greater depths
2. breathes easy regardless of cylinder pressure
3. better able to supply the needs of two divers.

Where is the pilot valve found on a scuba regulator?

In the second stage

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Here are some more questions for PADI IDC Revision – Equipment

Why should divers avoid the no decompression limits?

because depth gauges and timing devise many not be precise. Even a slight variation can put a diver at risk if the limits are pushed.  

What is a burst disk?

A safety device that ruptures and releases air long before a cylinder would fail because of over pressurisation.

Before using an enriched air cylinder, each diver must analyse the gas to confirm the……… ?

percentage of oxygen

When diving at altitudes above 300 metres, which type of depth gauge will give theoretical depths rather than actual depths?

A capillary depth guage

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What is the most accurate form of measurement underwater ( without using a measuring device) ?

Arm Spans.  – Arm Spans are the most accurate. Imagine that you wanted to know the width of a wreck. You could be fairly accurate by using Arm Spans.

What equipment is recommend for every diver to carry on a night dive?

One primary light, a back up light and a chemical light.  ( on a PADI night diver speciality, each diver must at least have their own light )

What should you consider when determining a search pattern to use for a lost object?

The size of the object and the bottom topography. In addition, the size of the search area and equipment available.

The generally preferred method for providing rescue breaths to a non-breathing diver at the surface is:

Mouth to pocket mask