“Very enjoyable time – it was fun, and I came away very inspired by the experience. I’m now looking forward to a successful career in the dive industry” – Keith, Sheffield

Your platinum Course Director is only an email away!

+ Distance learning home self study
+ Pool and open water alongside my PADI IDC at Scuba Dream in August
+ You’ll learn alongside new PADI Instructors. A Brilliant insight into your new life!

Start now with distance learning

You can start on your PADI Divemaster course right now! You and I will work together via email to make sure that you have all necessary knowledge and theory. It’s not everyone that has a Platinum PADI Course Director to help them with their PADI Divemaster course! I’ll send you home study materials personally designed to help you to become successful.

It’s fun to learn!

You’ll learn everything that you need to know about + Physics + Physiology + RDP + Skills and the Environment + Equipment You’ll also have a high knowledge of PADI Standards that will prepare you to work alongside fellow professionals in the dive industry.

Every day is a success!

You can join our PADI IDC at Scuba Dream in August
With the help of a Platinum Course Director and a Master Instructor you’ll learn how to bring your diving skills right up to Instructor level! Just like an Instructor, you’ll be able to effectively demonstrate skills and safely look after student divers. You’ll be aware of your own progress on a daily basis!

Your PADI Divemaster Course will include open water training. We will have fun filled days learning how to lead dives. You’ll also be learning skills that Instructors use when teaching people. This will make you very valuable in the “real world” of being a PADI Divemaster. Oh! we’ll have time for fun dives as well! You’ll be learning while having lots of fun.

It’s so important that you are well prepared and relaxed during your course. The word “Stress”  and “Learning” cannot possibly go together.

When you are relaxed, laughing and comfortable, you, will learn lots about teaching others to dive.

You, and the team that you’ll be working with, will develop different ways of passing information and skills over to others.

You’ll learn how to:

+ Build rapport with your future students
+ Create confidence in others
+ Teach everybody, regardless of their individual learning style
+ Allow students to learn in their own way
+ You’ll learn to “Teach People – and NOT Courses!”
+ You’ll get a chance to become an INSTRUCTOR in EFR and Oxygen First Aid!

Not only that, you’ll learn how You’ll all become very effective and efficient PADI Divemasters. You’ll be fully prepared to continue right onto your PADI Instructor Course. I’ll help you every step of the way.

PADI Divemaster course details

Prerequisites for this course

+ 60 logged dives (You’ll need to be a confident diver)
+ 18 years of age
+ PADI Rescue Diver or equivalent
+ Medical certificate signed by a physician dated within the past 12 months stating that you’re fit to dive

Costs and materials

+ The PADI Divemaster course costs £589  plus materials (plus entrances to dive sites, air fills, snacks during the course and cylinder and weight hire)
+ PADI will charge £78.00  plus vat
+ You have the option to become a PADI Instructor in EFR and an Instructor in Emergency Oxygen Provider at a cost of £399 which includes materials. PADI will charge £113.50 plus vat for registration for both EFR instructor and O2 Instructor.
+ You’ll need a Divemaster crew pack. I would recommend the Ultimate crew pack (#60440) because it has more study tools and the DM DVD.

You’ll need to arrange transport and accommodation. I’ll help with logistics as much as I can, so please contact me for advice.