PADI IDCs have FOUR main sections

Are YOU prepared for them?

  1. Teaching in the Classroom
  2. Teaching in Confined Water
  3. Teaching in Open Water
  4. Written exams in Dive Theory and PADI Standards


Would you like ULTIMATE PADI IDC Preparation to get confidence in these areas?

1. Help with Teaching in the Classroom.

Are you nervous of teaching in the classroom?

There is no need to be! Come to a day with me, and I’ll explain to you exactly what is expected of you.

It’ll be a LOT easier than you think!

You’ll learn a lot!

+ How to teach Scuba Diving in the classroom (it’s NOT about theory!)
+ How to use psychology to “prepare” your students for success with skills – (This is the same psychology as all top sports coaches use)
+ How to be VERY effective in the real world
+ How to use Knowledge Development questions to help students with their future plans
+ How to use PADI materials to be VERY efficient in delivering knowledge
+ How to use the latest psychology in teaching to allow your students to learn quickly.

Of Course, this is also the Ultimate PADI IDC Preparation for Classroom teaching!

Cost is £124 for one day.

2. Help with Teaching in Confined water

Be the BEST Instructor in the world! Confined water is where your students learn all of the essential skills, including Ultimate PADI IDC Preparationscuba diving itself.

Find out:

+ How brilliant briefings can prepare your students for their immediate tasks.
+ How “Positive Coaching” can prepare your students for crucial segments of their skills.
+ How to “Allow people to learn” in the same way as ALL humans learn ANY “motor skill”
+ How focusing on a few small areas can swiftly transform your students and give them amazing confidence and self esteem.
+ How Debriefs can permanently cure inherent problems by using the same psychology as top sports coaches.
Of course, this is also the Ultimate PADI IDC Preparation for Teaching in Confined Water.

Cost £124 for one day theory of teaching plus optional morning £49 in pool to put everything into practice.

3. Help with Teaching in Open water

Be the BEST Instructor in the world! Open water is where your students apply the skills that they’ve already mastered in a new environment.

Find out:

+ How to tap into their own unique and individual learning styles.
+ How “Positive Coaching” can help them to be successful.
+ How to make the open water dives fun and truly character building

  • ALSO learn how to TRULY CONTROL some ascents!
  • CESA (the first word is controlled!)
  • Surfacing the Unconscious Diver (controlled!)
  • Using a Lifting Bag to bring an object to the surface (controlled!)
  • Your future students will be VERY pleased that you attended this day!

Of course, this is also the Ultimate PADI IDC Preparation for Teaching in Open Water.

Cost £175 plus entry and air for one day at Open Water site.

The Choice is yours. You can do as much or as little as you want.

4. Help with Written exams

Our Distance Learning Preparation course has been very popular over the past 10 years. It’s regularly updated.Ultimate IDC Preparation.

Once you’ve signed up, I’ll send you a series of 10 mock exams: 5 theory and 5 standards. Each exam will have the same content and the same format as the exams that you’ll find on your final PADI IE.

I’ll send you the papers, and you can send me your answers, I’ll mark them for you and then give you feedback, tips and advice on how to improve your scores. By the time that you’ve finished, you should be fully up to speed and full of confidence to take your course.

Of Course this is the Ultimate PADI IDC Preparation for your written exams.

Cost £125 sterling (you can pay via PayPal)