Open water training during PADI IDC

In action in open water

Boooooooo! Noooooooooo! We don’t want it to be over!  That was the reaction from PADI Course Director’s PADI IDC candidates today when they were told they had completed the final element of their PADI IDC. This team unanimously started to boo because they didn’t want it to end.

It’s been a wonderful PADI IDC.  So much laughter, so much fun!  and most of all so many tricks played on each other.

This really is a “Team” in the true sense of the word. Everyone pulling for each other and also supporting each other. I know that the Instructor Exam will also entail lots of frivolity..  After all.. Diving is FUN!  that not only means Diving,  but Teaching Diving..  Learning how to teach diving.. and even the Instructor Exam.. It all must be fun!  What a wonderful compliment to each and every member of this team.  Thank you David, Elise, Gary, Kat, Lisa, Mark, Nicola, Peter and PADI Course Director C for making the journey so enjoyable.