“I have a masters in fine art. It’s remarkable that words can be as powerful as images”  Katie, new EFR Instructor!

During the EFR Instructor Course in Sharm yesterday, Katie was astounded when she learnt about the psychology that we use when teaching students. She has a master’s degree in fine art, so she is familiar with influencing people and generating emotions by using subtle shades of colour and light. Katie immediately saw the similarity of using the power of words to allow people to generate their own emotions, and therefore allow them to learn in the fastest and most natural way possible.

New Instructors

EFR Instructor course

Discussing theory

PADI IDC Sharm Apr 2015 New EFR Instructors

Most of the team had arrived for their PADI IDC Sharm Apr 2015. It kicked off with an EFR Instructor course.  It’s a great course for breaking the ice.  There is an air of fun in the classroom. A great atmosphere for learning.  Lots of laughs along with learning successful tips for teaching today’s customer.

Congratulations to Stuart, Fiona, Mustapha, Katie, Nagib and David for qualifying as EFR Instructors. Now we can all look forward to more fun and learning,  PADI IDC Sharm Apr 2015 new EFR Instructors. It’s gunna be a blast!

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