3 Secrets to pass your PADI IE – 1.  Relax and be normal

Diving is FUN right?
Teaching diving is FUN right?
So? the PADI IE should be FUN right?
The PADI Examiners are also FUN people because they have dedicated their whole life to the sport that we’re all so passionate about.
Secret number 1 is to relax, enjoy the PADI IE and just be “normal”
The PADI examiners just want to see that you can pass fun and joy onto your future students as well as skills and knowledge.

3 Secrets to pass your PADI IE – 2. Keep it REAL

During your Instructor Exam, you should behave exactly in the same way that you would in the real world. You need to show compassion to your students, whether they’re make believe or not! You need to say and show things in the manner that your future students will benefit from.
One of the big myths about IE’s, is that the PADI Instructor Exam is all about jumping through unrealistic hoops. I never fail to be dismayed at some of the tedious briefings and presentations that I hear from people who believe that is what the examiner wants to hear.

3 Secrets to pass your PADI IE – 3 Do EXACTLY what you were taught to do during your IDC

During your PADI IDC, you are shown fantastic methods of teaching your future students. Methods that really work! Methods that have been developed by many different industries over the past 50 years. You need to trust them.
I’m always horrified when a person on an Instructor Exam decides to do something completely different just because it’s an exam!
Part of the process of being a Padi instructor in the real world is planning and practicing. Just like any successful person in any profession. The same goes on an IE.

What happens on a PADI IDC?

It’s not all about Class, Pool and Open Water! It’s more about “life changing” skills!

You’ll find that your confidence levels will soar, and your communication skills will improve beyond recognition!

To find out what happens on a PADI IDC? take a look at this video.