“I have never witnessed anyone as passionate as PADI Course Director about what he does” – Darren Nottingham

What don’t Successful PADI Instructors do?Successful PADI Instructors

It might seem a paradox, but successful PADI Instructors don’t concentrate on teaching, they focus more on allowing their students to learn.

Successful PADI instructors are fewer in number, but stand out amongst others like shining stars!

The good news is: If you want to be a good PADI Instructor, it’s not about luck, it’s not about charisma and it’s not about star quality. There are some simple life skills that can put you head and shoulders above all others.

It all comes down to TRUST! Can your students and assistants trust you?

Let’s look at some simple things that successful PADI instructors do. you can easily follow the same path and increase the trust that your students have for you. At the same time, we can look at the reverse traits that failing instructors often use.

Your actions are consistent.
– Some can be fickle and inconsistent. You can’t predict what they will say or do tomorrow

Your words match your deeds.
– Others can talk about professionalism, but don’t “walk the talk”

You make promises you can keep.
– How many instructors have you met that have been generous with promises, but have let people down by not carrying them through?

You take responsibility for your decisions.
– Some make excuses for themselves and are quick to pass the blame on to others.

You don’t backstab or undercut those around you.
– I’ve seen too many instructors happy to take away credit from their divemasters.

You don’t focus on yourself.
– Too many instructors put the spotlight on themselves. They just want to look good in the classroom, pool and open water sites. Lessons are for the paying customer, not to boost the ego of the instructor. Elaborate “performance type” demonstrations are a thing of the past.

You tell the truth.
– Poor PADI instructors adjust the truth according to the current situation.

You’ll soon find that once your students have a deeper trust for you, they’ll come back for course after course and insist that you take them further along their chosen path.

If you want to find out how you can be THE most successful PADI Instructor that YOU can be.

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