“Your training was amazing, you are an amazing personality and a great teacher”

What happens on a PADI IDC?

It’s not all about Class, Pool and Open Water! It’s more about “life changing” skills!

You’ll find that your confidence levels will soar, and your communication skills will improve beyond recognition!

To find out what happens on a PADI IDC? take a look at this video.

What happens on a PADI IDC?

Well, I don’t know what happens on other people’s IDCs, but I do know that not all IDCs are the same, and I also know that your PADI IDC will be the most important diving course that you’ll ever take in your life. During this short video, you’ll find out that a PADI IDC is not just about jumping through hoops in order to pass a PADI Instructor Exam. You’ll learn why it’s so much more important that that! An Instructor Development Course is designed to develop you to become one of the best PADI Instructor’s that you can possibly be. You’re already a diver. You know about diving and have enjoyed the wonderful experience of being underwater. You’re also a PADI Divemaster. If you’ve taken part in my distance learning program, you and I have will have worked together so you’re now right up to speed in dive theory and standards. (If not give me a call and we can get started right away) On our PADI IDC, you’ll follow a structure that is designed to develop you into a true teacher! a leader! A Coach! A person that your future students will look to for inspiration and development

Becoming a PADI Instructor is a life changing event! Your life will change, and you’ll be changing the lives of others, during your experience with us you’ll learn about psychology.

You’ll learn how to build rapport with your students. You’ll learn how to find out exactly what each student needs from you, and how to help each and every one of them. You’ll learn how to create confidence and how to tailor answers that will truly ensure satisfaction. In the pool, you’ll learn how to give confidence to each of your students while they learn skills in a comforting manner. You’ll learn how to help each student reach their achievements in their own way, in their own time. We will help you to develop wonderful coaching skills that will allow each of your students learn much faster that you can imagine. In the sea, you’ll learn how to control your class for maximum efficiency while your students prove to you that they have mastered all that you have taught them. If you do your IDC with us in Egypt, you’ll have one of the most experienced Course Directors in the world looking after you. You’ll be in good hands while you laugh, have fun and relax throughout the program. You’ll also be in one of the most conducive locations! The Air conditioned classroom is right next to the heated swimming pool, which is purposely designed for scuba diving. For open water, the jetty leads right into the famous “Temple” dive site. Each day will start around 8.30. am, and will finish at approx 5.00 pm You’ll have no homework, so you’ll be free to relax, have a meal with the other people on the course, or have a quiet drink. You’ll be fresh and awake each morning ready for your new day

Every candidate feels that their PADI IDC with PADI Course Director is the best learning experience of their lives, and they really don’t want the course to end. With confidence levels running so high, they just want to get out there and start teaching.

What you’ll learn on a PADI IDC

Student divers are changing! Today modern technology has caused a widespread condition called “Digital Dementia”. It prevents most of us give appropriate attention and focus to things. Today’s student divers need PADI Instructors to allow them to learn in a fun way and using their own individual learning styles. That’s in the classroom, pool and in Open Water The old fashioned “Dinosaur” methods are way out of date! The PADI Open Water course changed in summer of 2014. It has been designed to produce more confident and independent divers. However, unless PADI Instructors update their own teaching methods, we’ll see no change in new diver ability.