“Platinum Course Director & Wonderful person! Thank you very much PADI Course Director” 

New PADI Instructors in Sharm el Sheikh. Today was the final day of the PADI Instructor Exam. All of my candidates scored massive scores as the PADI Examiner congratulated them all on a job well done.

[break] New PADI Instructors ready for a new life!

The New PADI Instructors have just finished the most advanced PADI IDC in the world.
The world is changing! We are all changing!
The world has changed the way that our brains work. Today we have less focus, and lower attention spans. Applications like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.. have caused us to be less patient and caused us to “filter out” information rather than assume it. (It has a name: Digital Dementia)
Today’s New PADI Instructors have to be very aware of today’s customer and make sure that their teaching methods have changed to meet the needs of the modern learner. Our motto of “Don’t teach Courses – Teach People!” has never been more relevant.


Are you interested in becoming a PADI Instructor?

You’ll learn a lot about how people learn! You’ll find out how to use psychology to make classroom lessons fun, interactive and memorable.
In the pool you’ll discover that when you “Allow people to learn” it’s much more powerful than trying to teach them all the time!
This is so much fun and you’ll learn lots of life tips that you can use in everyday situations to improve your communication skills.

Where was the PADI IDC in Red Sea  held?

At the wonderful Reef Oasis Dive Club in Sharm el Sheikh!

It’s the perfect location to become a PADI Instructor. The air conditioned classroom is right outside the heated purpose built swimming pool. The jetty leads right onto the famous Temple dive site.


Who were the instructors?

Award winning Platinum Course Director PADI Course Director and his PADI Master Instructor. Together they make the perfect team to guide you towards your dreams. PADI Course Director has been a Course Director for over 14 years, and has taught many hundreds of people to become successful PADI Instructors. PADI Course Director has been awarded the prestigious “Platinum” status every single year! His favourite course to teach is a PADI IDC in the Red Sea!


The personal touch

The PADI IDC in the Red Sea will be the most important diving course that you’ll ever take. It’s so important that it’s right for you. As soon as you sign up for the course PADI Course Director will help you with all aspects of your preparation via email. By the time comes, you’ll be fully prepared for your PADI IDC. We have NEVER had an unhappy customer! Become a PADI Instructor with confidence!