Your training was amazing. I want to say thank you to both of you. I know that choosing you for my IDC was the right choice. You are amazing personalities and great teachers”– Maria, Denmark

How to learn FAST

This video was taken during a recent PADI IDC. Take a look and see how with a few simple steps, you too can discover how to learn FAST! Imagine yourself in the classroom with me, learning how to become a PADI instructor!

What they didn’t tell you at school

School,  the one establishment that was created for us all to learn, forgot to teach us the most important thing… how to learn!
“Sit down and listen!” That’s the only advice that I was given when I was at school. The teachers tried to teach me about history, geography and maths, but the one thing that they didn’t teach me was how to learn!
Never mind how to learn FAST!

How to learn FAST – FAST!

How to learn FAST?How to learn FAST
First up is F

F – is for FORGET.  A strange word to come up with when discovering how to learn. However it doesn’t take long to think back in our own lives where negative thoughts were in our heads.
When learning something new, we need to FORGET anything that we already know about the subject. We need to learn the subject again from new. The information that is revision will be easy for us to take in and will provide the perfect springboard to new information.
We also need to forget any negative thoughts about why we can’t learn the subject. All too often people turn up for our courses with the belief  that they won’t be “good enough” to learn new things.
The third thing that we need to forget is anything in our daily lives that will take our attention. Things like shopping, or what to wear at the weekend.

After F is A
A – is for ACTIVE
Learning is NOT a spectator sport! To learn effectively you need to be part of the lesson. You need to be interactive by asking questions and joining in with the session. You need to make notes, but not just boring sentences, you need to also involve the right hand side of your brain by adding ideas of how you will use the information in the future.

After A is S
S – is for STATEHow to learn FAST
This is the state that you need to be in to learn. We need to look at the way that children learn. They play, they laugh and they learn without trying! We need to be just as playful as children.

Last of all is T
T – is for TEACH
By teaching we learn! This is a famous quote from ancient times and we all know it to be true. So when learning new material, it’s a good idea to learn it with a view to teaching it. This way you learn twice!

How can YOU learn FAST with me?

Please let me know how I can help you. I run regular PADI IDCs where I teach people how to be very effective PADI Instructors.
I teach many  Staff Instructor courses. Theses courses include my “Power of Words” course and everyone who has attended a Staff course has told me that they have been astounded by the improvement in their own training.

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