“Can I make money as a Scuba Diving Instructor?” 

That’s a question that I’m often asked! The answer is easy, Yes you can.  You just need to be shown how.
Now that the new Open Water course is soon to be released, now is the time for you to know how to be successful as a PADI Instructor.

The new Open Water course is going to require a new mind-set from instructors. New divers are being asked to be more proficient in skills like buoyancy.

I’ll be holding a series of workshops around the country to help with new ideas. Not only will I show how to teach the new skills, and give guidance about how to schedule your sessions, but much more importantly, I’ll be explaining how the Power of Words that you use are so important when it comes to the development of your students.

Over the years, I’ve worked with many different Scuba Diving Centres, and many different Instructors. I’ve taken the very best techniques from all of them and put them together into one workshop that we call “Beyond Instructor”

How to be successful as a PADI Instructor

The new PADI Open Water Course has new demands for both the PADI Instructor, and also the PADI Open Water diver student.

Find out how you can improve your teaching techniques to allow your new Students can learn quickly using natural techniques that will speed up their learning and understanding.