That’s according to Ted Selker, MIT Media Lab.
The modern life of Smartphones, Google, video games and instant information has changed the way that our minds work.

“Technology is rewiring our brains” says Nora Volkow, one of the worlds leading brain scientists, and also director of National Institute of Drug abuse. The use of Facebook, Tablets, Google and Internet applications has changed the way that our minds work. In years gone by, our brains were searching for information. But today, our minds have been trained to filter out the masses of data that we come into contact with on a day to day basis.

Why should PADI Professionals be aware of this?

Because this applies to your Students as well!

Our students have also lost the ability to focus in a world that is bombarded with new information hitting us from every angle. So when we help them to learn new skills, we  need to find exciting ways to keep them engaged and keep them active. Dive Briefings must be as interactive and as stimulating as an action video game. Skill Demonstrations need to be to the point, and precise. Most of all, the Students need to practice, practice and even more practice. This is the only way that any of us can learn any motor skill.

New PADI OW Teaching methods

Get your Students involved in the real life game of Scuba Diving.

Get your students involved in the real life video game as soon as you can! The ONLY way that any of us learn any skill, is to try it out, make the odd mistake and then keep practicing. Just as when learning the finer points of a video game, your students need to try different methods before they are really comfortable with their progress.

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