Find easier ways to teach!

Find easier ways to teach!

This course is a must if you want to get back into teaching and need a motivational boost. Or you want to find out how you can be much more efficient and successful as an Instructor.

You’ll learn loads of really fun ways to get your students to meet the PADI performance requirements.  You’ll be a very modern “up to date” Instructor.

Today’s Customers are VERY different to those of only 5 years ago.  They have different aspirations to diving, and have different expectations of how they should be treated while on a course.  If you treat your modern day customer correctly, and they feel valued,  they’ll come back  time and time again for more courses.

On this NLP course you’ll learn how to teach:

  • Today’s Customer
  • Today’s PADI Standards
  • Today’s Methods
  • “PEOPLE and not Courses!”

You’ll learn how just how important the “Power of Words” can be to a persons satisfaction of how they value your Instruction. You’ll find that your students learn much faster than they did before, and you’ll find that your “Job Satisfaction” will soar as you get positive feedback from your customers.
The course will be held on 10th May and will cost £125.