Our next PADI IDC is just 2 days away from starting,  but first, we have our popular IDC Preparation course in which the candidates get to ask all those unanswered questions about dive theory – The stuff they just don’t get.

PADI IDC Prep course

Keeping it simple

Platinum PADI Course Director has a way of explaining those mumbo jumbo subjects, like displacement, pressure/density relationships and half-times in a way that we all understand. And it’s a way that we feel comfortable enough with to use ourselves to pass the knowledge on to our future student divers.

PADI IDC Skills Demo

Skills workshop: separate the wheat from the chaff

PADI Course Director has the same no nonsense approach to the skill demonstrations workshop in which the message is loud and clear: Keep it simple! If it doesn’t help the student to perform the skill – then leave it out!!

The only question at the end of the day is…. Can it really be THAT simple?