To be honest, I’m a bit unsure of how to teach an Open Water course. Can I team teach with you?New PADI Instructor

Would you like to Team Teach an Open Water course with us?

Well I’ve got a better idea!

Come along on 19th August (evening) and the weekend of 20th and 21st August to discover many new things to make your Open Water courses run better than you’d ever imagine.

Open to PADI Instructors and Divemasters

Working as a group, you’ll learn the latest enhanced teaching techniques that we have gathered over the years and all of the fantastic tips that we pass onto our Staff Instructors.

We’ll be using the very same methods that the world’s best Scuba Instructors use to be so very successful. We’ll be discussing different methods and experiencing the effects ourselves.

Enhanced Teaching Techniques

Together the class will progress step by step through teaching a complete PADI Open Water Course from start to finish. You’ll learn lots about psychology including:

  • Building Rapport – how to engage your customers
  • How to deal with stress in your students
  • How to treat every single student as an individual
  • Visualisation techniques to enhance the learning experience
  • How to teach skills while neutrally buoyant
  • Time Management – when to chat and when to act
  • Administration / paperwork
  • Scheduling and logistics
  • We’re behind you all the way
  • We will guide you on how to be HSE compliant.
  • What extra equipment and resources you need as well as preparing paperwork so that you stay on the right side of British law when you are working as a Scuba Instructor.

Team Teaching is Fun

Bridging the Gap after the PADI Instructors Exam

Platinum Course Director PADI Course Director says:

“My Instructor Development Courses are crammed with wonderful gems of knowledge. However, there is a lot to take in, and the looming Instructor Exam often prevents that knowledge from passing from course theory to the real world”

“It’s a very common psychological phenomenon.” he continues, “My PADI IDCs are the most fun and stress free courses around and yet I still see the effects of the impending IE on my candidates.”

Would YOU like to team teach a PADI Open Water course with us?

Learning enhanced teaching techniques as we go along?

I’m not surprised if your honest answer is YES!

RELAX – Because now you have a reliable and experienced instructional team to learn from.

PADI 10 x Platinum Course Director PADI Course Director and his Master Instructor wife PADI Master Instructor, are here to hand hold you through your first tentative steps

Role Play/ Real Life

Using each other as guinea pigs, we’ll make sure that we all know where to find the relevant forms. We’ll go step by step through the classroom teaching process, we’ll discover how using the right words with your students will make a massive difference to their progress on the course.

We’ll find out how to use interactive briefings that get your students to visualise skills and improve first time success in the pool.

We’ll talk about different ages/shapes of students and how that will affect your teaching.

We’ll talk about what extra equipment that you might need (Compass, SMB, CESA line etc.)

HSE Regulations

We’ll talk about the importance of having a Risk Assessment and Diving Project Plan. First Aid and Oxygen requirements? The relevance of having an approved Dive Team?

How much does it cost, Where will I need to go?

Team Teaching PADI Open Water Course – is one evening plus 2 full days duration and the cost is £295.

(Travel, accommodation, entrances and air not included in this price.)

It is open to any PADI Instructor / Divemaster who wishes to get experience of the PADI Open Water course. The first two days will be held in St. Neots Cambridgeshire and the third day will be at an open water site, either Stoney Cove or Gildenburgh.

What will I learn?

We will take you step by step through teaching a PADI Open Water Course. From start to finish including administration, scheduling and logistics. What to do, why and when for the best results. Of course you’ll be taught the latest methodology as well as invaluable tips and tricks that we have gathered ourselves over the years of teaching.