“Stop teaching and allow people to learn”  – PADI Course Director, PADI Platinum Course Director

PADI Self Reliant Diver / Instructor day.

Come along for a fun day diving with PADI Master Instructor and PADI Course Director. If you’re a PADI Instructor, come along and add “Self Reliant Diver” to the list of specialties that you can teach.
We’ll have lot’s of fun. Diving, Learning, Laughing, Eating! and relaxing.
We’ll have 3 dives in Stoney Cove. It’ll be on the 25h May, which is a Bank Holiday, so should be fairly quiet  to get our cars parked right by the waters edge.
Everyone who does this course loves the challenge of the dives.
We’ll be swimming without a mask, we’ll be calculating air consumption and we’ll be concentrating on buoyancy. It’s fun!

Self Reliant Diver course

What you’ll need.

PADI Master Instructor and I are really looking forward to this course.  We always have fun, and meet up with old and new friends. As soon as you book up, PADI Master Instructor will send you some material so that you can get fully prepared before the course starts.
The cost of the course is £145. This includes the certification fee for the consumer course. You’ll need to have your own equipment which includes a pony cylinder plus regulator and SPG. Two reels and two SMB’s Underwater slate to record data during the dive and you can also bring a spare mask (optional).
For PADI Instructors,  You’ll have to pay the PADI fee  (approx. £27 plus vat) to become a Self Reliant Diver Instructor
You’ll also have to pay for Entrances and Air.

Self Reliant Diver course

If you’ve attended any of my PADI IDCs, you’ll know that I emphasise the importance of practicing skills while being neutrally buoyant. This course brings it all to a new level!
Contact me NOW. As soon as you sign up, PADI Master Instructor will send you paperwork so that you can prepare.  We’re going to have a lot of fun together.

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