Join PADI Course Director and his PADI Master Instructor, for the most modern PADI IDC in the world! Become the most exciting PADI Instructor that you can be. The PADI IDC with New Horizons  will show you how.


“Your teaching is very dynamic and full of energy. It is also fun for your PADI IDC students”

Do you want to be a leader?

MOTIVATE, INSPIRE, INFLUENCEBecome the PADI Instructor that will change peoples’ lives! Find out how your future students will gain confidence and self – esteem from you. Learn how POSTIVE COACHING can really transform your customers and give them a wonderful new purpose in life.

How can I start RIGHT NOW?

Contact PADI Course Director right NOW to get you started in your OWN HOME!
For an extra cost of £125.00 You and PADI course director PADI Course Director will work together  this will get you right up to speed with Dive Theory and Dive Standards.
Dive Theory and PADI Standards are the most common areas that cause problems on a PADI IDC, so let’s put that to bed while we still have time. PADI Course Director will help you improve your knowledge by using 10 mock exams, 5 theory and 5 standards, each exam will have the same format and the same content as the exams that you’ll find on your final Instructor Exam. PADI Course Director will give you feedback and tips, often using video clips especially created for this program.

 Where will the course be held?

The spacious classroom is perfect, and so is the hospitality and atmosphere!
PADI Course Director will be around the whole time to give guidance, advice and support. They are both passionate that you will become a great PADI Instructor!


When? How Much?

The Fri/Sat/Sun weekends of:
29th, 30th June, 1st July 2018 and
6th 7th and 8th July 2018.
Plus Open Water training on Thursday/Friday 12th and 13th July, Followed by the IE on 14th and 15th July 2018.

PADI IDC with Scuba DreamOver the weekends you’ll find a lot about how people learn! You’ll discover how to use psychology to make classroom lessons fun, interactive and memorable.

Your communication skills will improve, and your confidence levels will soar. PADI Course Director will show you some wonderful life skills that you can pass onto your future students.

PADI IDC with Scuba DreamIn the pool you’ll discover that when you “Allow people to learn” in a very natural way, people will learn so fast!  It’s much more powerful than trying to teach them!
PADI Course Director will explain to you that you should only introduce skills to new divers when they’re ready to learn. You’ll be putting all of these techniques into your new life as a PADI Instructor.




Open Water training on 12th and 13th July 2018PADI IDC Ocean View

On these days, you’ll learn how to apply your teaching skills in Open Water.
You’ll find out how to  ensure that your students are ready for the dives ahead and you’ll learn how to control them as a group.
During this period, you’ll also learn how to put all of these practices into place when teaching PADI Specialty Courses. You’ll get a chance to become a PADI Instructor in 5 specialties.
You’ll be fully prepared for the real world as well as for your Instructor Exam.


Cost of IDC: £825
EFR Instructor Course £325
Cost of Distance Learning preparation£125
Cost of Specialty Instructor training: £259

14th and 15th July 2018 (Leicestershire / Stoney Cove)


The PADI Instructor Exam

PADI IDC Ocean View
These are the days that you’ve been waiting for! These are the days that you’ll make that transition from PADI Divemaster to PADI Instructor.
You’ll find that you’re fully prepared for the exam and you also might be a little surprised that you will enjoy the two days with your PADI Examiners! They are fun people and are also looking forward to see you join the exciting new world of being a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor!

 PADI will charge for IDC applications  and  the cost of the two day PADI Instructor Exam

IDC app £134 + vat plus IE fee £463 +vat plus 5 Specialty applications £152.50 + vat plus EFR instructor application £86 plus vat

Anything more?

You’ll need some materials. You’ll need an IDC Crew Pack.  You can buy one from any dive centre, but please make sure that you get the most up to date version! PADI are continuously updating courses and materials.
The prices cover tuition, and IDC online. They do not cover accommodation, travel and entrance fees.
Nor do they include the Distance Learning program, Specialty Instructor package, Materials or PADI fees.
If you want to ask PADI Course Director any questions about the PADI IDC with New Horizons, or any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! You can contact him here:

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