New PADI Open Water course

This weekend was spent with the PADI Instructors of 2 Dive 4 in Essex. We had a wonderful time talking about the new PADI Open Water course. We could tell that to reach the level of independence that new Open Water divers need to reach, we need to alter the attitude of Instructors. Instead of keeping the focus on Instructors during class and pool sessions, we looked at ways that we could allow all of our student divers to learn using their own learning styles. We realised that to do that, we need to look at the way that we teach, and then develop a fresh new teaching style.

New PADI Open Water course talk

Fun in keeping up to date

I’m sure that the future is going to be very exciting, both for the PADI Instructors, and also for the new PADI Open Water Course students. But to keep it exciting, we need to make sure that all students are allowed to learn in their own way. We found that Skill Demonstrations are crucial to the success of our training. Skill Demonstrations in the New PADI Open Water Course need to be short, to the point and easy to understand. Today’s customers really don’t want long confusing demonstrations that continually point out what might possible go wrong.

The team at 2 Dive 4 are very excited to get started with the new PADI Open Water course. The good news is that most of the new techniques can already be used in the existing PADI Open Water course. So, the Instructors are preparing to put in a lot of the new methodology in their next Open Water course that starts next weekend. I know that both Instructor and Students will have a lot of fun. 2 Dive 4 have lots of courses running and organise a lot of diving holidays. Take a look at their website. Please feel free to contact me for more details of our courses.

New PADI Open Water Course

The usual suspects!

New PADI Open Water Course

New PADI Open Water Course skills Circuit