PADI Course DirectorInflate / Deflate BCD at the Surface


Why is this skill so important?

Emergency Accident reports around the world have discovered that a large percentage of scuba diving accidents or fatalities have occured after divers have reached the surface.
They then subsequently have drowned.

As PADI Divemasters or Instructors, we know that in the Rescue course we learn that we always attempt to establish buoyancy as a first step in most situations.

Why is this skill unique in the PADI System?

So it’s no surprise that this basic function of the BCD is learnt at the very first sage of a divers progress.

What might be a surprise though, is that this skill is so important, that it appears to contravine the basic PADI stratagy of “All Skills must be taught initially by a PADI Instructor” This skill is deemed so important that it MUST be practiced by a DSD Leader on a DSD. It’s the only skill that falls into this catagory other than breathing and equalisation.

Why is this skill important to PADI Divemasters or PADI IDC candidates?

Here is an IDC Candidate performing this skill. Inciedentally, this video also shows a perfect way of integrating a briefing and demonstration at the same time.
If you’re heading for a PADI IDC or PADI IE, this video shows a great way to score a 5 on both briefing and demonstration.