One Day NLP Course AND PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course.

Are you already a PADI Instructor? Would you like to find ways to make your courses much more fun and effective?
If the answer is YES, then contact me to find out more about to our next One Day NLP course for PADI Instructors, or our next 3 day PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course.
The Staff Instructor course will be run on 9th 10th and 11th of May.
The NLP for Instructor course will be run on the 1oth May and will be incorporated into the IDC Staff Instructor Course.
The  courses will be run in the UK.
PADI Staff Instructor Course

Learning Scoring techniques.

Learning Scoring techniques

The Staff Instructor course will teach you how to teach PADI Divemasters to become Assistant Instructors. You’ll also learn how to “Score” people, just like your PADI Course Director did during your own  PADI IDC.
However, probably the biggest thing that you’ll learn is how to improve your own teaching by using the NLP techniques that you’ll pick up during this course. You’ll be surprised at how your own teaching will improve if you apply these simple, fun methods. We won’t be going to Open Water during this course, but we will spend a few hours in a warm pool. You’ll learn lots of tips that I use when teaching a PADI IDC.
After the course, I’ll make you very welcome, if you decide to Staff on  any IDC that I teach. It’s good for you to see the techniques used on “Real” IDC Candidates. and you’ll be able to see for yourself how PADI IDC Candidates rapidly develop through every day of their Course.

One Day NLP for Instructor Course

NLP for PADI Instructors

Different Learning Styles

The NLP course will be held on the middle day of the IDC Staff Instructor course. The first half of the day will be in the classroom talking about different teaching techniques. We’ll discuss lots of common teaching practices that just don’t work!  and we’ll be looking at some great alternative methods, that certainly do!
In the afternoon, we will be in the pool, putting into practice what we have learnt. You’ll see just how effective the choice of words that you use, and the choice of different behaviour greatly alters the way that people learn.

Costs and Dates.
The PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course will run on 9th 10th and 11th May 2013. the cost is £345. PADI will charge an application fee of £76.20 (incl. VAT)
The NLP for Instructor course will run on the 10th May 2013. The cost is £125.
In both cases, we will provide snacks, sandwiches and drinks throughout the day.