EFR instructors to learn new techniques

EFR instructor course

Kat has a wonderful life ahead of her in the following months.

In just a few days time, she is heading to South Africa for 5 Months where she will be leading dives in Shark infested waters!

Kat is fascinated by Sharks and is really looking forward to showing customers all of the different behaviours that Sharks exhibit.

Kat is also passionate to become a PADI Instructor. She will be joining our PADI Instructor Development Course Later this year at Emperor Divers in Sharm el Sheikh.

Today on the EFR instructor course, Kat got a “taster” by learning some wonderful psychology methods that top instructors use to teach their students.

Kat learnt that instead of trying to correct people, often it’s best just to “Allow People to Learn” She learned several techniques that encouraged this to happen.