“It was an awesome day, diving and learning.  Team Prior yet again excelled in providing the ability to learn, have fun and come away as better divers and instructors” – Mike, Self-Reliant Diver Course Instructor

Self Reliant Diver Instructor Course

Congratulations to Mike and Martin on qualifying as PADI Self-Reliant Diver Course Instructors.

Both completed the PADI Self-Reliant Diver course as a prerequisite to becoming an instructor in the specialty.  And they were terrific with their brain storming/problem solving strategies to crack Self Reliant Diver Course challenges.

They calculated air consumption and completed dive skills while neutrally buoyant. They even said it was fun after completing the underwater swim without a mask!

Self Reliant Diver Instructor Course

Mike & Martin Self-Reliant Diver Course Instructors

There is added value in completing the PADI distinctive specialty, Self Reliant Diver Course before becoming an instructor in it yourself. Why? Well, you get tips on how to teach the skills and draw on the experience of the instructors who have already taught the course.

But more importantly, it also gives you an increased empathetic approach to your future courses.

Stoney Cove

Diving conditions were ideal for our 3 dives. The sun was shining, the visibility was great and the water temperature a very pleasant 12 degrees. It was fairly quiet on-site, so we parked right by the waters edge. Air-fills took no time at all and we rarely saw other divers underwater. Perfect for a Self Reliant Diver Course.


Stoney Cove

Stoney Cove

“Thank you PADI Course Director for running another hugely informative and fun course… I enjoyed it lots…  – Martin, London

The next Self Reliant Diver Instructor Course is at Stoney Cove on 8th September, which is a Thursday, so should be fairly easy to get our cars parked right by the waters edge.

Everyone who does this course loves the challenge of the dives.

The price is £169 which covers the cost of the training plus the certification fee for the consumer course. It doesn’t include dive site entrance, air nor the cost of PADI Instructor application fee (although that will be at the reduced rate of approx. £30) You’ll need to bring a redundant air source plus reels and SMBs
Contact me NOW. As soon as you sign up, PADI Master Instructor will send you paperwork so that you can prepare.  We’re going to have a lot of fun together.

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