Join me for the most modern PADI IDC in the world! Passing the PADI Instructor Exam is only the first step! You want to be the most exciting PADI Instructor that you can be. This PADI IDC Falmouth will show you how.

Where will the course be held?

The course will start with Cornish Diving School All Classroom and swimming pool work will be in the “buzzing” harbour town of Falmouth. Cornish Diving School is based in the middle of Falmouth.  It has a swimming pool on site.

What? When? How Much?

12th October 2015

EFR Instructor Course

We’ll start the program with EFR Instructor course. It’s a fun way to start your PADI IDC Falmouth! You’ll soon form a bond with the other members of the course as you laugh and play with the interactive style of this fun course. You’ll learn a lot about the psychology of how people learn and you’ll learn lots of fun techniques to help people understand. These same techniques can be used to make your scuba lessons very effective too.

Cost: £325 which includes an Instructor “Start up” pack of materials. PADI will charge £75.50 plus vat for application fee

13th and 14th October 2015

The Ultimate PADI IDC Preparation Course

This is a very popular course! Over the past 7 years every single candidate has taken advantage of this program. The reason why it’s so popular is because as soon as you sign up, we can start with the Distance Learning part of the course. We can start right now! I’ll send you a series of 10 mock exams. 5 theory and 5 standards. Each exam will have the same format and the same content to the exams that you’ll find on your final PADI Instructor Exam. One by one you can send me your Exam answer papers and I’ll give you lots of tips on how to improve. Then to make the Ultimate PADI Preparation Course complete, the two days in Falmouth will be spent making sure that you’re familiar with the latest Skill Development techniques that the modern PADI examiner will be looking for. We’ll also work with the computer software that you’ll need to use on your PADI IDC and IE

Cost: £259 which includes Distance Learning plus two days before the IDC

15th October – 23rd October 2015

PADI IDC Falmouth

You’ll learn a lot about how people learn! You’ll find out how to use psychology to make classroom lessons fun, interactive and memorable. In the pool you’ll discover that when you “Allow people to learn” it’s much more powerful than trying to teach them all the time! This is so much fun and you’ll learn lots of life tips that you can use in everyday situations to improve your communication skills. During this period, you’ll also learn how to put all of these practices into place when teaching PADI Specialty Courses. You’ll get a chance to become a PADI Instructor in 5 specialties of you choice (within reason!) You’ll be fully prepared for the real world as well as for your Instructor Exam.


Cost: £725 for PADI IDC
£259 for Specialty Instructor Training PADI will charge £135 plus vat to register all 5 specialty instructor applications

24th and 25th October 2015

The PADI Instructor Exam

This are the days that you’ve been waiting for! These are the days that you’ll make that transition from PADI Divemaster to PADI Instructor. You’ll find that you’re fully prepared for the exam and you also might be a little surprised that you will enjoy the two days with your PADI Examiners! They are fun people and are also looking forward to see you join the exciting new world of being a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor!

Cost: PADI will charge £121.00 plus vat for IDC application  and  £500 for the cost of the two day PADI Instructor Exam

Anything more?

You’ll need some materials. You’ll need an IDC Crew Pack.  You can buy one from any dive centre, but please make sure that you get the most up to date version! PADI have just updated the Open Water course and the new IDC Crew Packs have a lot of the new materials. The prices cover tuition, they do not cover accommodation, travel and entrance fees. Please contact me if you have having problems finding a PADI IDC Crew Pack. I can arrange for PADI to send you a pack to your home address.

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