The 33 Wonders of Nemo 33

Great day out


The Plant Scuba trip we joined to Nemo33 in Brussels really was a day of wonders. 

The first wonder was PADI Course Director Manton’s early txt, wondering if we had got up in time to catch the Eurostar. 

The next wonder was, is that man really French or is he putting on the French accent to get us all in the mood for an adventure into foreign territory.  

Wonder No.3 – That the Eurostar is bang on time. The whole Eurostar experience was fab.  All the staff were polite and helpful, the train was nice design and comfortable and we had stimulating conversations when the countryside views out of the windows turned to tunnel. 



Wonder No.4 – Will Simon be at Gare du Midi to meet us as planned???  OFCOURSE HE WAS.  Trusty Simon was a font of knowledge.  What we are doing next, where to buy our tram tickets and what to ask for! (It’s ok, he said, they all speak English. And they did.) 

Wonder No.5 – Memet wonders if we’ll get lost?  Let’s take a free city map just in case.  Personally, I didn’t take a map as I had decided to just follow Simon.  

Wonder No6. – Which set of Stairs do we take?  “Bob and Sallie – where do you think you’re going?”

Wonder No7. – PADI Course DirectorP wonders why does this tram look like an underground train? 

Wonder No8.- PADI Course DirectorP wonders when did this underground train transform itself into a tram? 

Wonder No9.- I’m in wonder at the enchanting Belgian street layout and architecture 

Right by the Tram stop

Right by the Tram stop

Wonder No10.- As we get off the tram the group is wondering where’s Nemo33?   It was just a stones throw from the tram stop, a huge building with it’s name emblazoned on it for convenience! 

Wonder No.11 – PADI Course DirectorM wonders –  where are my towel and swim shorts? 

Wonder No.12- Everyone else wondered if we could buy him a mankini from the well stocked shop! Phew! There are no mankini’s in the shop. 

Wonder No.13-The group wonders when do we get issued with all the diving gear as we’ve only bought our own masks and snorkels?  Simon reassured us that all the gear was already poolside and we just helped ourselves to it when our time slot started. 

Wonder No.14-I wonder what was the Nemo33 staff member saying during the briefing?  I decided to stick with my plan and just follow Simon! 

Wonder No15-I wonder will my dive computer lock out if I do a spot of free diving before we put on scuba for the big descent? 

Wonder No.16-Everyone wonders who’s dive computer is beeping like a mad thing? 

Bob Smith

Bob Smith

Wonder No.17-Bob wondered if size on the label really matters, when he found the small BCD was too big for him! 

Wonder No.18-Simon wonders, where did everybody go? (Obviously down to 33m apart from me and PADI Course DirectorP, as we were following Simon!!) 

Wonder No.19-I wonder will I get down there as there is a Jacuzzi of bubbles keeping me buoyant. 

At the bottom

At the bottom

Wonder No.20-We wonder why is it called Nemo33??? Looking at the dive computers, it’s deeper than that! 

Wonder No.21-PADI Course DirectorP wonders will I be able to take my reg out and breath air in the underwater cave? 

Wonder No22-WOW, I’m in wonder as I’m standing on the bottom, my head and shoulders are out of the water, I’m having a chat with PADI Course DirectorP and my dive computer is showing 8.9m!!!

Wonder No.23-PADI Course DirectorM wonders if I have taken a photo of him blowing bubble rings. (No, blow another one!)

 Wonder No.24-Sallie wonders will the hairdryer get PADI Master Instructors socks dry?  

Wonder No.25-We all wonder what to order for lunch? 

Wonder No.26-The waitress wonders where’s the Noodles with Beef? 

Wonder No.27-Ian wonders why he ordered Noodles with Beef? 

Wonder No.28-We wonder if we should get on this tram as it’s going to Gare de Nord and we want Gard du Midi???  Simon says it’s the right tram. 

Belgian Chocolates

Belgian Chocolates

Wonder No.29-I wonder am I in Gare du Midi? Or did I die and go to chocolate heaven? 

Wonder No.30-PADI Course DirectorP wonders if I ‘ve got 50 cents for the lavvy? 

Wonder No.31-PADI Course DirectorM wonders why are all the Eurostar staff in Brussels English? 

Wonder No.32-I wonder, would I do it all again?  YES I WOULD. 

Wonder No.33-I wonder if Simon, Gail, Sallie, Bob, PADI Course DirectorM, PADI Course DirectorP, Memet, Ian, Nathan, Lee, Ben and Keith have had as WONDERFUL a time as I did????  

Thank you all for making it such a WONDERFUL day. Special Thanks to Simon who organised all of the logistics.